Indigo ~ Lopi ~ Sky
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Indigo ~ Lopi ~ Sky

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Unique hand dipped Organic USA Merino

1 ply ~ lopi spun worsted prep

90m /100yd

169g/ 5.9oz

Hand dyed in the mountains, outside in the sunshine with a full heart and blue hands. Natural indigo creates a uniquely rich, expansive and subtle blue. Through multiple dips and long soaks the shades of indigo are revealed.  

Natural Indigo is a vat dye and behaves differently from synthetic dyes. Slight crocking is to be expected, which means to prevent dye transfer you will want to soak your indigo product overnight in a basin with a mild soap (such as Fibre Wash) and rinse in the morning. See more about natural Indigo in the FAQ section. 


*subject to availability, see FAQ section for more information 

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