SpinOlution Flyers

SpinOlution Flyers

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Want to add versatility to your wheel? Add an additional flyer for finer spinning, bulkier spinning or plying! All New Flyer/Head Base attachments now come with the Golden Whorl.

Upgrades include everything you need to add a new size to your wheel base:

  • A head (attaches into the base of your wheel)
  • A flyer (has a back with whorls, arms, and an orifice bar and holds the bobbin)
  • A hook orifice bar (attaches to the flyer magnetically)
  • A bobbin (slides onto the flyer and is secured to the back with a magnet)

About Golden Whorl Flyers

If you have a MACH III, Echo, or Firefly with a corian (silver) or wooden whorl - you can update your wheel by purchasing a New Flyer for your Wheel.

Please note, the following wheel models cannot be upgraded at this time: Hopper, King Bee, Queen Bee.

The Pollywog & Worker Bee already have Golden Whorl engineering (no need to upgrade!)


  • CORIAN (SILVER) WHORLS have ratios from about 1:4 to 1:20 (exact range varies per wheel model).
  • GOLDEN WHORLS have the same low ratio range as silver whorls + faster ratios (exact range varies per wheel model) for spinners who want to explore the limits of superfine spinning.
  • GOLDEN WHORLS have less flyer drag to make spinning short-staple fibers (like cotton) effortless.

*All SpinOlution Wheels and Accessories are made to order and will ship in up to 6 weeks from the manufacturer, shipping within Canada will take a minimum of an additional week. You will be kept appraised of any delays in manufacturing and shipping while waiting for your wheel or parts.

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