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I started Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works the year after my first daughter was born. I was driven to create a business that would allow me be creative, to work from home and enjoy every precious (and sometimes exhausting) moment together. In July 2017 we welcomed our second daughter into our fibre filled world.  

It all started with a fibre batt I found in a yarn shop in Fredricton, New Brunswick, but lets back up a little to how I found myself there in the first place.

After graduating University I lived for over a year abroad in Italy. I came home to Canada the winter of 2009 it was then that I met my now husband. A few years after we got married we took our honeymoon summer road trip across Canada. That is when I redound and fell in love with everything fibre. From fluffy clouds of unwashed Alpaca to greasy sheep's fleece, carded batts, and hand painted yarns, I was hooked. 

My love affair with fibre (from the crimp, to the texture, to the transformation from raw fleece to finished product) has taken me on an extraordinary journey of creation. I love every aspect of my business from searching out of raw fleeces to the spinning of hand carded batts, to large felting & mixed media projects. I have transformed and deepend my artistic practice to include the tactile world of fibre.

Over the last five years Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works has grown from a hazy vision to a full time career for myself and part time work for my husband who puts in time behind the scenes as book keeper and production assistant.

With a focus on sustainability, environmental consciousness, and consumption with awareness, my aim is to both inspire creators, wearers and admirers as well as to create change through action. I am proud to be a part of the slow fashion movement.

I aim to use only the highest quality fibres and yarns in my creations; from hand processed and dyed fibre supplies to one of a kind fashions, I have hand-selected my raw materials from all over the world. I work hard to make conscious purchasing decisions that recognize a need for strong local, regional and global trade practices that in turn promote resilient economies throughout the world. I focus on purchasing fleece from small scale farms, minimally processed fibre and yarns from eco friendly mills with good working conditions and, in general, from suppliers that have a strong focus on community.

I want each and every customer to feel like they are a part of something bigger than just the fibre, yarn or fashion item that they purchase. A conscious purchase from Sarah Elizabeth Fibre works is a full circle connection; to the farm, to the fibre, to the mill, to the fabric, to the people involved in the process, to the natural world.

I hope that this approach will fuel change. Each of these steps taken together can produce change. Change in product origins, change in consumption patterns, change in resource use, and, ultimately, the ripple effect of a safer and more sustainable future.