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Covid-19 Shopping

Welcome Everyone!

My studio is open & operating with regular hours! I am open Wednesday through Saturday 11:00 am to 5:00pm.

For everyones Safety I ask that you do not visit the Studio and Shop if you are experiencing any symptoms or feeling unwell. Please use BC Covid-19 website for information. 

• We are also available for in store and virtual shopping appointments.  I offer free local delivery in Rossland and Free pick up. 


In Store Etiquette and Safety Information

• You will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entry.

• Everyone must wear a mask.

• Please keep 2 meters of distance in the shop whenever possible

• There will be no use of the studio bathroom or kitchen.

• I am not currently offering in studio lessons or advice as this often requires close proximity and does not meet social distancing standards.


Information on Appointments (If in person shopping during regular business hours not work for you)

• Appointments are offered before or after our open hours Wednesday through Saturday. 

• Appointments will be offered on the hour and will be 45 minutes long. I will keep 15 minutes in between appointments in order to wipe down all surfaces between customers.

• Please knock upon arrival for your appointment if it is in person or have your device ready and ringer on for virtual appointments.

• If a customer is in the store when you arrive please wait 2 meters away from the door outside. Once the customer leaves I will wipe down all surfaces and let you know when you can come in. 

• Please do not arrive early for your appointment. 

• If you arrive late for your appointment your time may be cut short to respect other customer appointments. 

• In the case of a line outside the door please keep your distance and be mindful of those passing by on the sidewalk.


Information on Handling Product

• Please only handle what is absolutely necessary to handle. 

• I will be there to assist you in finding exactly what you would like for your project, taking items off the shelf and putting them out for you to visually inspect. 

• I understand that there is a tactile necessity when it comes to fibre, yarns and tools. There is a need to hold, handle and test items.

• Fibres, yarns and other supplies; please resist the urge to touch yarns & fibres until colours and options have been selected. Then you may touch the yarn, fibre or item to asses suitability. There is much describing that I can do to help eliminate options without the need to touch. 

• Tools and Equipment; Once these have been discussed I will provide a sample product where possible or the actual product when necessary for handling and assessment. All sample tools and equipment will be thoroughly sanitized (unless the product goes home with you).


Be Kind, Be Calm and Craft On!

Sarah ~ December 7th, 2020