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Carding Cloth

Blend your choice of fibres and colours the traditional way with a pair of these standard hand carders from Ashford. I particularly love mine for art yarns and felting projects where I'm creating with various fibres or colours on a small scale, and looking to keep rugged texture and curl. Perfect to travel with!

Here are some features:
-comfortable round handle
-blend and card
-stainless steel wire and rubber backing
-quick to assemble

Standard Hand carders are available with either a medium cloth for most fibres (72 point) or fine cloth for fine fibres (108 point).

Size: Standard: 8" x 5." Small: 7" x 3."

*Currently this item is a drop ship item and will ship from my supplier when it is in stock, please contact me for estimated ship times.
*All Ashford products from SarahElizabeth are available in Canada only

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