Extreme Long Locks ~ Merlot
Extreme Long Locks ~ Merlot
Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works

Extreme Long Locks ~ Merlot

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Teeswater X

* trying to capture Colour and length in one shot was challenging for this one, the second photo shows a close up and highlights Colour where the first is for length.

About Hand painted Luxury Locks All locks are sourced from raw fleeces. I wash, dye and sort lock bundles so you are getting the best of the best. Each bundle has locks that range in length from they are bundled at the cut tip.

Locks can be used for:

- long locks spinning

- wet felting

- needle felting

- weave them into tapestry projects and saori weaves

- knit or crochet them in as edging or embellishment

- dolls hair

Let your imagination guide you! There are no limits!

*subject to availability, see FAQs section for details

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