Fibre Rinse by Unicorn Fibre
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Fibre Rinse by Unicorn Fibre

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I am in love with this fibre conditioner! I use Fiber Rinse to condition all my washed natural fleeces and dyed fibres and yarns. I was skeptical about its ability to soften even the roughest fibres, but it does!!! It works wonders on my occasional over scoured item!

This fibre rinse is formulated to enhance the benefits of FIBRE WASH and POWER SCOUR products. It leaves fibres fresh, soft and cuddly, reducing the 'itch factor'. It's great for after-dyeing projects and is enhanced with spinners combing milk.
This product is biodegradable, earth friendly and contains no fillers.

Please note when using any soap in soft water add a bit of vinegar or citric acid to prevent the dye from running.

See the website for more info!

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16oz bottle

Special Order: Gallon Jug (128oz) 

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