Kerfuffle ~76g
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Kerfuffle ~76g

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The Epic Kerfuffle Batt

A swirling vortex of contrasting textures, colours and staple lengths. Equally weird and wonderful each Kerfuffle batt is more then one of a kind. Made all my favourite odds and ends, little bits of fluff. From the most luxurious local BFL Lamb fleece and Alpaca to Merino, Como, Targhee, Rambouillet, rooster feathers, recycled silk, bamboo, fire star, icicle top, Angelina, and hand dyed silks these batts are sure to please. Some full of bold texture and others a little more subtle no two are ever the same and I mean ever! 

The Kerfuffle batt is a must have in your fibre stash for when inspiration strikes. You can spin them fine to bulky alone or combine it with another batt. Even a combo spin with roving or combed top for added mileage. Felt as is or deconstruct it completely for your needle and wet felt* projects. 

Want a Challenge? Prep and spin a heavy lace weight!

Not sure where to start? Check out my YouTube channel for the Kerfuffle series.

How to Prep a Kerfuffle Batt

How to Spin a Kerfuffle Batt

*Although wet felting should be possible the results cannot be guaranteed due to the large variety of fibres. Most are feltable, but some will felt slower or faster and some may not felt well at all. 

*subject to availability, see FAQ section for more information 

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