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Lykke Double Point Set (large sizes)

Lykke Double Point Set (large sizes)

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I love beautiful tools. These are my go to needles. They are both functional and beautiful, light to handle with lovely slip for knitting everything from bulky textured hand spun yarns to the finest lace. The wood warms as you knit and the gentle shine of the needle makes it easy to see your stitches.

Enclosed in beautiful, high-quality case in a grey denim-effect finish, this 6" double point set of knitting needles comes with 8 sets of needles and are the perfect gift for yourself or your favourite knitter.

Each set comes with 8 sets of 5 double point needles from 4mm to 9mm (US size 6 to 13).
4mm/size 6

4.5mm/size 7

5mm/size 8

5.5mm/size 9

6mm/size 10

6.5mm/size 10.5

8mm/size 11

9mm/size 13



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