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32" Joni Loom

32" Joni Loom

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Loom Specs:
Weaving Width: 29"
Weaving Length without Shedding Device: 59" with continuous warping 
Weaving Length with Shedding Device: 55" with continuous warping
Loom Width: 32"
Weight: 12.4 lbs
Regular Shed Size: 3/4" 
Extended Shed Size: 1.5" (for extended shed loom option)

*Notes: The weaving lengths listed factor in warp waste. You can weave the "without the shedding device" weaving length with the shedding device if you use it and then remove at the very end and finish off the piece without it. 

Loom Description:
The 32” Joni Loom is a great loom for those of you who like to think big but don’t want your loom to take over your space. This loom has double beams on the top and bottom for extra strength. 

Loom Materials: The top and bottom beams are made of anodized aluminum; the sidebars are made of steel and copper; the wooden clips are made of maple

 Four coils: 8, 12, 14, 18 dents, shedding device and handle, two large wooden clips, warping bar, flat wrench, Allen wrench, warp coil/spring bar and written instructions.

Regular or Extended Shed:
This loom's shedding device is available with a regular shed size (3/4") or an extended shed (1.5") size. The extended shed option is perfect for rug weaving or for anyone looking for a portable tapestry loom with a large shed for bobbins, shuttles or fingers! Choose "Extended" from the drop-down to select the extended shed option. Please note that you will need to buy or make extended heddles if you choose a loom with an extended shedding device. 

Additional Information:
What can you weave on this loom? Beads, Fibre, Beads and Fibre

Positioning: Upright with two fold-out legs on a table or on The Mirrix Harvey Stand.

Shedding Device: You can purchase this loom with a shedding device for a regular (3/4") or extended (1.5") shed -See above.

If you plan on using the shedding device with this loom, you will want to buy or make heddles or extended heddles.

Note: The shedding device doesn’t have to be used for every project. When warping you can choose to put the shedding device on the loom or not to. 

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