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Mirrix Looms

Loom Extenders

$106.00 CAD

The Mirrix loom extenders are ideal for people who want to weave belts, guitar straps and longer, thin pieces without having to purchase a larger loom. We have several different options for extenders depending on the loom you have.

Note: Weaving lengths assume you are using continuous warping. 

When adding this item to your cart, choose your loom size (and, if relevant, the package you want corresponding to that loom size) from the drop-down menu. 

5″ Loom Extenders:
Adds 24″ of weaving length, giving you the option of weaving a piece 40″ long. Extender length: 11 7/16” 

The Mini Mirrix comes with two different ways to warp. The first is with the No Warp-Ends Kit. The second is using Texsolv cord instead of the wooden clips that are used to hold the warping bar on other Mirrix Looms. You can also warp this loom using the Easy Warp method with no additional supplies. If you want to warp in the traditional manner (with the warping bar) you will want to get these loom extenders either with mini wooden clips so you can warp like you warp other Mirrix Looms or with additional Texsolv cord. You will also need additional Texsolv cord if you want to use the No Warp-Ends Kit with the loom extenders.

Your Mini will not stand up with the extenders so you will simply lay it on a table or prop the bottom in your lap and lean the loom against something. You can also attach the loom to the Mirrix stand.

Save $5 when you purchase the 5″ Loom Extenders with an additional 5 feet of Texsolv cord or when you purchase them with small wooden clips.

8″ Loom Extenders:
Adds 24″ of weaving length, giving you the option of weaving a piece 48″ long. Extender length: 11 7/16” 

The Lani Loom made tall with extenders is a sight to behold. If you have a second leg on your Lani Loom you are good to go. That extra leg is necessary for stability when you add the loom extenders unless you don’t plan to stand your loom on a table and rather would prefer to either lie it flat on the table or with its bottom in your lap and leaning on a table. It can also be put on the Mirrix loom stand.

Save $2 when you purchase the 8″ Loom Extenders with an additional foot for your Lani Loom.

If you are ordering this leg for a loom you already have, please give us the exact length of the leg (end to end) on your current loom via email as this length has varied slightly over the years.

12″ and 16″ Loom Extenders:
Adds 24″ of weaving length, giving you the option of weaving a piece 48″ long for the 12″ Loom and 58″ long for the 16″ Loom.  Extender length: 14 7/16”

Extenders for these looms include feet extenders to give your loom its original stability.

22″ Loom Extenders
Adds 13″ of weaving length, giving you the option of weaving a piece 67″ long.  Extender length: 6 3/8”

Extenders for this loom includes feet extenders to give your loom its original stability.

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