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Spinners of all ages and heights enjoy treadling with their toes on this perfect beginner budget-friendly wheel. The Pollywog was originally designed for the young and young at heart, but the compact size and easy treadling have earned it a much broader following.

If you're a beginner, you can start with the economical, basic 4 oz wheel and then add accessories to it when you're ready to start spinning at higher speeds or on bigger bobbins. If you're already a spinner then you might want to go ahead and get the accelerator or larger flyer head right away.

The four ratios available on the basic 4-oz Pollywog provide just the right speeds for beginners spinning yarns of all fibers and weights. The by-passable orifice hook allows you to spin bulky, ply creative, or add embellishments – and the treadling is smooth & silent!


  • Open / by-passable hook orifice
  • Magnetic bobbins and orifice bar
  • Interchangeable flyer heads
  • Comprehensive wheel ratios for spinning anything from fine to bulky
  • Upgradeable
  • Easy uptake tension adjustment
  • Ergonomic treadle system
  • Multi-bearing system for extra quiet operation
  • Small footprint and floor grips
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Baltic birch plywood construction for strength, durability, and warp resistance


Speeds and Ratios



Basic: Pollywog wheel, 4 oz flyer head, 3 bobbins

Options and accessories

Optional add-ons


Boost the number and range of wheel ratios for greater spinning flexibility, raising the height of the orifice at the same timeThis removable piece attaches between the base and the head of your Pollywog wheel, and gives you a total of 12 speeds for spinning finer weight yarns. Adding this accessory to the Pollywog is perfect for filling the 4 oz bobbins with finer yarns.

12 oz flyer head:

A great addition for exploring the bulkier side of spinning: art yarns, bulky textures, or just for huge yarn length. This flyer can be attached to either the basic wheel or the accelerator.

Combining the Pollywog with both the Accelerator and the 12-oz flyer head means that you can have it all: lightweight portability, huge bobbin space, speeds for all yarn weights, and a comfortable ergonomic spinning experience that will bring you joy for many years to come.

Compatible accessories

  • Extra bobbins
  • Tube orifice bars
  • Lazy Kate
  • Skein Winder
  • Drive Bands

For more information

Link to SpinOlution user guide
Link to Pollywog Ratio guide


*All SpinOlution Wheels and Accessories are made to order and will ship in up to 6 weeks from the manufacturer, shipping within Canada will take a minimum of an additional week. You will be kept appraised of any delays in manufacturing and shipping while waiting for your wheel.

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