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$69.95 CAD

The Sandy Stand

Since the Saffron Pocket Loom launched, we've been hearing from customers who want a stand for this little loom. It was tricky to design the perfect stand -attractive, simple to use, stable - but we've finally done it! This stand can be used to hold the Saffron Loom while weaving or to hold/display the loom and your work when you are not weaving. The loom can be easily removed from the stand.

The stand comes with: 
-Two wooden blocks with holes and grooves
-A length of threaded rod
-Three hex nuts (two thick, one thin)

-Two cap nuts
-A rectangle of clear, hard plastic with a hole (This part gets secured to the loom and flips out to go under the threaded rod on the stand.) 
-Two small squares of wood with a sticker backing (To make the stand fit tighter if desired/needed.) 

If your Saffron Loom was purchased before July of 2020 please measure the bottom beam of the loom from the front  of the loom to the back of the loom and if it is less than 35 mm please email us and let us know after you order. If that is the case, we will include shims in your order to make sure your loom fits correctly in the stand. (Simply remove the sticker backings on the shims and stick one to the back of each wooden block.)


Longer Rod

Use this rod to get a 12" weaving length on the Saffron Pocket Loom.


Shed Comb

The Shed Comb for The Saffron Pocket Loom is intended for those of you who want to speed up the weaving operation a bit or who prefer weaving through a shed versus picking the warps. It is milled out of high-end millable plastic that will not break. It’s a simple comb with notches at the end of the tines. Place it underneath one set of warps, turn it and you’ve got your shed. Turn it back flat, move it over slightly, turn it and you’ve got a second shed. It is that easy.

Note: The shed is only large enough to fit a tapestry needle through. We do not recommend using this without a needle.

Rod length: ~14.5"

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