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SpinOlution Bobbins

Regular price $55.00

So you never have to stop spinning! 

  • 4 oz Bobbin - Compatible with the Pollywog, Echo & Queen Bee
  • 8 oz Bobbin - Compatible with the Echo, MACH III, Firefly, Hopper, King Bee
  • 12 oz Bobbin - Compatible with the Pollywog (not seen in video)
  • 16 oz Bobbin Compatible with the Echo, MACH III, Firefly, Hopper
  • 32 oz Bobbin Compatible with the MACH III, Firefly, Hopper
  • 64 oz Bobbin - Compatible with the MACH III, Firefly

Add extra bobbins to your spinning wheel order to save on shipping! If you're ordering accessories only, the shipping charges are Flat Rate. $25 in Canada.

WE GUARANTEE OUR BOBBINS. Our bobbins are made from birch wood and are shatterproof. But sometimes during shipment they party pretty hard. If you receive a broken bobbin in your shipment we will replace it for free. Any bobbins that break within 1 year of purchase we will replace for free. If your bobbin breaks, email a picture to with your shipping address and proof of purchase to receive a free replacement. Some broken bobbins can be repaired with e6000 glue. Even if your bobbin can be repaired, we will still send a replacement.

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