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SpinOlution Skein Winder

Regular price $175.00

The skein winder can wind both 1 & 2 yard skeins. It can be inserted onto the MACH III, Echo, Firefly, Hopper, and King Bee on any setup 8 oz or larger - just like a bobbin. It cannot be inserted into a 4 oz setup because it is too wide, and it cannot be inserted into the 12 oz setup because it is too long.

The skein winder will lock into place on the 8 oz flyer - as it is the same size as an 8 oz bobbin. Secure it with the magnetic orifice bar on the 8 oz setup, as well as the 16 & 32.  

The skein winder is included in the Echo, Hopper, Firefly, and MACH III Package Deals. 

The skein winder comes apart into two pieces and lays flat for easy storage and transportation.

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