My Fibre Products

My passion is natural fibres; hand processed using the traditions of years gone by and the innovations of the present. I am invested in sustainability, environmental consciousness and consumption with awareness.

I aim to use only the highest quality fibres hand-selected from small-scale fibre farms. All purchases are made consciously recognizing a need for strong local, regional and global trade practices that promote strong economies throughout the world.

Designed to inspire my products are created with purpose and fun. Each detail is meticulously thought out and care taken to ensure only the highest quality rovings, batts, yarns and finished products make it to the Etsy shelves.

I love to use unique fibre blends, stunning colour combinations and a touch of sparkle all as traceable to the source as I can get them!

I hope that my handcrafted fibre supplies set the stage for an amazing creation experience.


Subject to Availability

I use live inventory, however all products are subject to availability. This means that on occasion a product may get oversold. Some products will simply be put on back order and you will be contacted to let you know the estimated date of shipment. Hand painted and carded products that are oversold will turn into a dye/card to order and will have a two to three week turn around time. Please pay particular attention for when I am at shows as my online shop will remain active and although I use live inventory, which means that as an item sells it will show up as sold out online, there is still the possibility of human error. You can see show/exhibition and festival dates listed on the Where To Find Us page. If there is something from my shop you would like please place you order a day in advance of the show and I will ship it upon my return.

A Quick Rugged Luxury verses Pristine Fibre Note

My fibre is fabulous. (well at least I think so:)

It is rugged and luxurious, but it may not be for you, and thats okay!!!

Due to the nature of fibre animals: sheep, alpacas, goats, etc. fleece comes with all sorts of fun goodies, from straight up vegetable matter (hay, seeds, twigs, burs, etc.) to less desirables (eeekk...sheep poop!).

I do my absolute best during the skirting, sorting, washing, dying, picking, carding, spinning, knitting, felting stages to remove the absolute most amount of these unexpected treasurers. I generally get all the less desirables, it is the vegetable matter that is exceptionally tricky.

The more finished the fibre product you receive (handspun yarn) the less likely it will be that there will be any bits of hay or seeds. The less fiddled with, hand dyed locks for example, may have a touch more vegetable matter.

I always choose interesting and beautiful fibres even if means a slightly dirtier fleece to work with. If I consider there to be excess vegetable matter or dirt I will note it in the item description.

What type of Fibre Artist are you??? Hint: no wrong answer!

If you don't mind picking out a few of these bits and pieces throughout your fibre journey then; rock on and purchase.

If the idea of a little dirt and hay makes you twinge; consider carefully before purchase. Send me a note if your not sure and I can double check your selection.

If you absolutely detest fibre products that are not pristine; then please look elsewhere for your fibre goodies, no hard feelings. If you are at a loss for where to look, message me and I will do my best to recommend another fibre artist with less rugged luxury and more pristine fibre:) 


Photo Representation

I do my best to accurately represent the colours of my products. As computer screens may vary, the colour that you see when you order may look tonally different when you are holding it in your hands.


Yes I do Artistic Custom Work

Don't Spin but love the colours of a batt? I can spin it for you. I can also card up a batt or five, dye locks, roving and scarves using an inspiration photo by you. All custom orders require a non refundable payment in full. Upon entering into a custom order you agree that you are open to my artistic interpretation of your description or inspiration photo(s). Please look closely at my work and style and contact me with any questions you may have about your end idea. I look forward to creating something just for you! 

Wholesale and Artist Discounts.

Are you an artist? Do you run your own business? Do you run a brick and motor store? Contact me about wholesale!

I do my best to accurately represent the colours of my products. As computer screens may vary, the colour that you see when you order may look slightly different when you are holding it in your hands.

From a smoke free home. I use all natural soaps and your fibre will not be full of scents. It will be protected from moths through the use of essential oils that act as a deterrent. Pets are present in the home.




YOU make the dream of running my own business a reality. Every purchase made puts a gigantic smile on my face. Each and every purchase makes a difference in our lives as it supports my husband, my daughter and I in our modest lifestyle. I am beyond grateful for YOU as the ability to be my own boss allows me to spend time raising my daughter as well as pursuing my passion. What each and every purchase gives me is invaluable.

I hope you love my product as much as I do, however if for whatever reason it is not what you expected, your purchase* may be returned 30 days following the date of purchase for a full refund with no questions asked. You will be responsible for paying the shipping, but keep your receipt! If once the item is returned, in the original condition purchased, I deem it to have slipped through our rigorous quality control and there is something not quite up to our high standards then I will return the shipping amount to you in the form of store credit.

Purchases* returned after 30 days and before 90 days from the purchase date, in the original condition received, will be accepted back into inventory. A store credit will be issued minus a 30% restocking fee. Returns will not be accepted following 90 days.

*Returns are not available for custom orders, processing, or large equipment purchases. Please refer to SpinOlutions for details in regards to their satisfaction warranty. 

Return policies are subject to change at anytime without notice

Do you have questions? Not sure about a specific terminology? New to fibre Arts? Just have no idea what I am talking about?

I am happy to answer questions of all types. There is no silly question! Question answers are no strings attached I am simply here to help in your fibre journey. Find me on Social media or fill out the contact us form.

Custom Orders!
See something you like, but want it in a different colour? With no sparkle? I can do that for you. Custom orders require a minimum deposit, determined by the item you are having made and have a minimum of a three week turn around time. Often I can complete your order in less time, but in peak times there may be a bit of a wait.

Not that into Texture
Are you not the insane fan of texture I am? Want a batt more blended? I will do a second carding for free. A third carding will cost and additional $5. Second cards will be offered on hand pulled rovings for additional $7

Don't Spin
See a fibre batt, some locks or roving that you love the colours and texture of, but don't spin? I can spin it for you!!! Send me a quick note and I will set up a custom listing based on how you would like it spun.

Are you an artist? Are you looking to purchase materials for the creation of your salable goods? Please contact me for more information on my Artists Program.

I have a wholesale program for my hand created fibre products! Contact me for more information

All prices, policies, products, promotions and all information contained herein is subject to change without notice at anytime.