My Fibre Products

My passion is natural fibres; hand processed using the traditions of years gone by and the innovations of the present. I am invested in sustainability, environmental consciousness and consumption with awareness. 

I aim to use only the highest quality materials hand-selected from small-scale fibre farms, minimally processed fibres and yarns from eco friendly mills with good working conditions and, in general, from suppliers that have a strong, inclusive focus on community. All purchases are made consciously, recognizing a need for strong local, regional and global trade practices that promote stable economies throughout the world.

Designed to inspire, my products are created with both purpose and fun. I love to use unique fibre blends, stunning colour combinations and a touch of sparkle all as traceable to the source as I can get them! Each detail is meticulously thought out and care is taken to ensure that each roving, batt, yarn skein and any other finished product in my shop is of the highest quality.

I hope that my handcrafted fibre supplies set the stage for an amazing experience of creation.


A Quick Note on Rugged Luxury verses Pristine Fibre Note

My fibre is fabulous. (well at least I think so!) :)It is rugged and luxurious, but it may not be for you, and that’s okay!!!

Due to the nature of fibre animals: sheep, alpacas, goats, etc. fleece comes with all sorts of fun goodies, from straight up vegetable matter (hay, seeds, twigs, burs, etc.) to less desirables (eeekk...sheep poop!). 

I do my absolute best during each stage of processing - the skirting, sorting, washing, dying, picking, carding, spinning, knitting,felting, packaging - to remove the most amount of these unexpected treasures as I can. I generally get all the less desirables, it is the vegetable matter that can be exceptionally tricky. 

The more finished the fibre product you receive,handspun yarn for example,the less likely it is that there will be any bits of hay or seeds. The less fiddled with, hand dyed locks for example, may have a touch more vegetable matter. 

I always choose interesting and beautiful fibres even if means a slightly dirtier fleece to work with. If I consider there to be excess vegetable matter or dirt I will note it in the item description.

So, what type of Fibre Artist are you??? Hint: no wrong answer!

If you don't mind picking out a few of these bits and pieces throughout your fibre journey then; rock on and purchase.

If the idea of a little dirt and hay makes you twinge; consider carefully before purchase. Send me a note if you're not sure and I can advise you more specifically about your selection. 

If you absolutely detest fibre products that are not pristine; then please look elsewhere for your fibre goodies, no hard feelings. If you are at a loss for where to look, message me and I will do my best to recommend another fibre artist with less rugged luxury and more pristine fibre:)