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N. Jefferson

5.5" Surgical Style Seam Ripper

5.5" Surgical Style Seam Ripper

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Seam Ripper with Replaceable Blades
(Easy Glide Surgical Seam Ripper) 

As most sewers know "If you sew - you’re going to have to rip seams." 
Seam Rippers are used in many crafts including Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery etc.. 

The Famore Seam Ripper is a craft tool you’re going to want in your collection.

  • Made of high-grade steel & are thru hardened.
  • Power-lock screw design: razor sharp edges; and superior rust & corrosion resistance.
  • Surgically sharp with curved blade for easy glide.
  • Screw-lock-handle for easily replacement blades.
  • Remove frog stitches and more ..."rip it! rip it! rip it!".


These Seam Rippers will give you an easy, clean and precise cut every time. 

Our Seam Ripper includes 1 handle, 3 replacement blades, and 1 safety cover for safe storage.

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