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Unicorn Editions, Ltd.

Power Scour by Unicorn Fibre

Power Scour by Unicorn Fibre

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Unicorn power scour is my go to concentrated, energy efficient and environmentally friendly fleece wash. I use almost nothing to scour my fleece (a few capfuls). It takes me almost a year to go through a gallon and I wash a lot of fleece. It is scent free and does not suds like dish washing liquids. Unicorn Power Scour is also less harsh so it is harder to over scour and dry out your fleece!

I use this in combination with the Fiber Rinse for fleeces I am leaving the natural colour and use the Fiber Wash and Rinse for my dyed fibres and yarns.

This product removes soil, stains, odours, lanolin and oil, wine spills and pet stains! It reduces mats and tangles and increases your fibre yield. Cleans at low temperatures with low suds, rinsing easily and saving energy. POWER SCOUR is a high level biodegradable product that maintains the strength and natural beauty of the fibre while cleaning just about anything from it!

Please note when using any soap in soft water add a bit of vinegar or citric acid to prevent the dye from running.

See the website for more info!

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16oz bottle
Gallon Jug (128oz)

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