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Daniel Bremer Art & Design

Rose Copper Shawl Pins

Rose Copper Shawl Pins

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These copper shawl pins are a collaboration between myself and another local artist.

Daniel Bremer does beautiful hand crafted copper jewelry pieces. I approached him a few years ago to make shawl pins and I am always delighted with the results!

The circular part of the pin is made of copper and the pins are bent brass. The bent pins help to secure the fabric. The brass pins come with a few different heads; please choose one and add it to your cart separately. Please note that you cannot purchase pins by themselves at this time.  

Copper Pieces are listed in the same order as the pictures. In the main picture from left to right and top to bottom.


A Bit About the Copper Artist

Daniel Bremer grew up on the Prairies but soon fell in love with the mountains and the Kootenays. He spent two years in Nelson BC attending the Kootenay School of the Arts and earning a diploma in Jewellery and Small Object Design. Daniel now calls Rossland home where he has been busy making art and shredding the gnar in all seasons. His jewellery work is mostly created with copper, brass and silver and often involves the juxtaposition of metals, textures or concepts. Painting has also become a bigger part of his work, where he utilizes spray paint and stencils to create bold graphic images often on recycled or still functional snowboards. Daniel is an avid photographer as well and can usually be found climbing, biking or snowboarding with at least a few cameras in tow.

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